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Awarded a 5 year FM Broadcast Licence from the UK radio regulator Ofcom

Written by on July 7, 2015

Press release
Starting life as an online radio station in 2009 Funky SX have spent the last few years busy fund raising, (winning the ITV peoples millions) negotiating premises, building a digital studio, liaising with the local community and writing a radio licence application, with one main goal ‘To provide a radio station aimed at, and for – involvement of the young under 35’s of Southend on Sea’.

Today Wednesday 29th July 2015 the 3 directors of Funky SX (Essex) Miles, Hugh and Sam are pleased to announce that Funky SX has been awarded a 5 year FM Broadcast Licence from the UK radio regulator Ofcom to broadcast legally a mix of ‘Various underground dance Music’ aimed at the under 35’s  across the airwaves of Southend on Sea.

The stations team of volunteers will be broadcasting live from newly built digital studios in Westcliff and live road shows from various events in the borough.

Funky SX hope to be on the radio within the next 6 months (there is still a high building in Southend to negotiate for our Arial / we are hoping for assistance from the Civic centre or Southend Hospital here!) and trial broadcasts will be commencing soon online at www.funky.sx and on the tunein radio app.

Many thanks from all our volunteers and those that have helped us on our journey so far, Southend ….things are going to get real Funky!

Statement from our

Licence application: 

 Funky SX is already a local resource for training in journalism and production with our very popular ITV Peoples Millions funded ‘Funky Academy’. A community FM licence will now further help us recognise, develop and nurture local talent. This will also give young people on media studies courses in the area, and anyone with an interest in the community broadcasting, an opportunity that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Essex. It will give young people involved in media training within the area a goal to work towards. 

Full application is here: 


Ofcom announcement here:


Radio website piece: 


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